SpaceX landed another rocket

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Re: SpaceX landed another rocket

Postby TheDeamon » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:52 pm

Unless you plan on dropping that space rock on planet earth itself, you're still going to need to move the equipment into orbit. If the governments had any say in the matter, it would be a very high orbit at that(well above where the geosynchronous satellites operate). Which means you're at the point where the cost of just performing the operation outside of earth's orbit isn't going to be overly much more. The logistics just get more complicated because of differing orbital periods around the sun.

Also "Towing" an asteroid into a near-earth orbit is going to be one hell of a technical feat to achieve, the resources devoted into doing that alone could probably fund several smaller mining/industrial operations in a few different locations. I actually wouldn't expect anything like asteroid capture to start becoming a thing until an industrial presence already exists in space. The first phase would be bringing the (mined) raw material back to those facilities for processing before ultimately scaling up to the point of just bringing the entire space-rock to the processor.

In fact, that actually is one of the theorized ways of doing (early) asteroid capture, by placing a(series of) mass drivers on the space-rock and have it fire off "pellets" of cargo at the processing facility in such a way as to both impact the orbit in a beneficial way, and to ensure delivery of "the product" to the processor, no (outbound) cargo ships required. Down side is those "pellets" may take the better part of a decade(or more) to turn up unless someone goes out to collect them first.

The other thing you're again ignoring is if we have the space rock in a near-earth orbit and we're mining it. Why the hell are we not just processing the material on site for further space-based construction? It makes zero economic sense to mine it, send it back to earth for processing and manufacturing, so we can then send more supplies(made from the stuff we just sent down) back up to the mining facility, from Earth.

You're basically going "Yeah, but if we ever do go that far, we're going to do steps A and B, and ignore Step C even though it helps us perform steps A and B at a lower cost."
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Re: SpaceX landed another rocket

Postby Namrok » Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:27 pm

Looks like the first rocket reuse on an actual mission has been scheduled! ... =hootsuite

That'll be a fun one to watch. I wonder if they'll even land it again.

I love the marketing jargon. It's not reused, its "Flight Proven".

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