Of the font thinks its a joke but

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Of the font thinks its a joke but

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Taylor Swift's Lover is a good title but running to 62 minutes, it's half killer and half filler. Taylor Swift is in love. The first clue is in the name of her new album. The second clue is on the cover, where puffy pink clouds loom behind her like an Instagram filter gone wrong. Fascinating photographs from new book Hidden London Discovering the Forgotten Underground. Fascinating new book Hidden London Discovering the Forgotten Underground claims to be the first narrative of a 'previously secret aspect of London's history'. Here we present images from it. Horrifying moment Mexico City thief puts teenage girl in sleeper hold and steals her cellphone. Housing complex CCTV in Mexico City captured the frightening moment thief placed a teenage girl in a choke hold to steal her phone. Baby girl born with 'Batman mask' birthmark on face has 'successful' first surgery in Russia. Luna Fenner, seven months old, of Florida, was born withcongenital melanocytic naevus. Russian surgeon got in touch offering a treatment not available in the US. Shamed Ted Baker founder loses 66m in two days as sharesslump 10%. Ray Kelvin, 66, pictured, still owns almost 35 per cent of the company's stock - or 15.54m shares. His holding was worth 144m on Wednesday. After the plunge, it is now worth 77.7m. Opioid Defendants Seek to Disqualify Judge Overseeing 2,300 Cases. In a surprising move, drug distributors and pharmacy chains on the eve of a landmark federal trial argued that the judge already believed that defendants should pay. MIT scientists program viruses to kill E coli superbugs. The World Health Organization considers antibiotic resistance a leading threat to global health. MIT scientists made viruses called bacteriophages that can be tweaked to kill E. coli. Are online friendships healthy http://firstmet.club/707/is-gdp-an-economic-indicator How do you refer to a deceased person These Butterflies Evolved to Eat Poison. How Could That Have Happened? Scientists have unraveled the sequence of gene mutations that enabled the monarch butterfly to thrive on toxic milkweed. How performing a 'wardrobe rotation' each season will save you hours deciding what to wear. Sydney mum and lifestyle blogger Lyndall Tolhurst recently told her followers how arranging her clothes by season twice a year saves her hours of stress deciding what to wear. Blues Beat Bruins, but Officiating Takes Center Stage at Stanley Cup Finals. An official appeared to miss a penalty by a St. Louis Blues player, setting off a sequence that allowed them to score the decisive goal in a 2-1 victory over the Boston Bruins. Climate activists smell like hemp Johnson. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson labelled climate-change protesters as "hemp-smelling" and "uncooperative crusties" during a speech in London on Monday. Lauren Anthony reports. Gnter Kunert, 90, Searingly Satirical German Author, Dies. In his poems, essays, short stories and novels, he highlighted the differences between East and West Germany, even after the Berlin Wall fell.

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